The Butterfly Cycle

Bugs are wondrous, silly, and wise, but not everyone appreciates them. Here you'll find drawings that try to convey the goodness of these ancient beings at a glance. Help brighten the world by wearing the drawings on T-shirts or sweatshirts for others to see. These drawings draw people's eyes.

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Bring Them Inside
The Mutual Yummies
The Butterfly Cycle
Who Bugs Whom?
Eying Your Moves
Alone in Nature
Bug-Nabbing Bandit
More coming soon!

About the Prints. Purchases are made through Spreadshirt, which prints the images on clothing using plot printing. Plot printing is more durable and nicer looking than regular digital printing, and for a single color it costs less too. Spreadshirt is a well established print-on-demand company that makes high quality products and provides great customer service.

About Fulfillment. Spreadshirt handles all order fulfillment for this site, including shopping cart, billing, printing, and shipping. The artist creates the designs and maintains this site as a prettied-up front-end to the underlying store. The store functionality of is embedded within these pages. See Spreadshirt's guarantee.

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artist portraitAbout the Artist. My name is Joe Lapp, but I'm known as "Spider Joe" in Austin, Texas. I study spiders and teach people about spiders, mostly educators and children. I've loved insects all my life, but I did not learn to like spiders until about 2004. I also enjoy creative nature writing and improvisational tai chi. I'm a software developer by trade, but nature is my source of creativity.